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Long Island vs Miami

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Michael Telvi has seen his fair share of America. Despite being a proud New Yorker, he has also made it a strong point of his to see as much of the country as he can. So far, Mike Telvi says, Long Island and Miami are two of his strong favorites.

We sat down with him to ask which he prefers and which of these two wonderful places he would recommend. In regular Mike Telvi fashion, he gave us a breakdown of where both cities excel, why they may appeal to different sets of people entirely, and a closing advice on which you should go with depending on your initial reasons and dispositions.

Mike Telvi on Long Island vs Miami

The Four Seasons

Mike Telvi, like most Americans, is a fan of the four seasons. There’s no denying, though, that sometimes we find ourselves wishing we could have something simpler – like a singular warm and calm weather all through the years. And this, Mike Telvi believes, is one of the first things you have to consider when choosing whether to live in Long Island or Miami.

Long Island, in true New York fashion, gives you the full package of the four seasons – summer, winter, fall, and spring. Miami, on the other hand, has a narrow spectrum of weather all through the year.

Now obviously there is no objective way to say that any of these is better than the other. Many people prefer the relative consistency of Miami, while some people prefer to have the full package that is Long Island.

This, Mike Telvi believes, is one of the most underlying and genuine differences between these two places.

Language and The People of Long Island and Miami According to Michael Telvi

We could talk about the cost of living in both places all day. But, according to Mike Telvi, one of the absolute most important things about a place you want to live in is the nature of the people in it. Michael’s verdict? Both Long Island and Miami have some really great folks in them.

The difference, though, can be found in the makeup of these demographics. While Long Island is considered a quite “international” location to be in, a hub of activity and cosmopolitanism, Miami, on the other hand, has a more straightforward makeup and a particularly profound Hispanic population.

In fact, it is becoming quite harder to live in Miami without being proficient in Spanish yourself. You hear it everywhere you go, so much so that it becomes quite obvious in your early days that your stay in Miami will become infinitely more pleasant should you learn the language.


Another important criteria to consider is the activity levels between both of these places. Michael Telvi tells us that while Long Island is a frantic, fast-paced rollercoaster that will leave you exasperated but thankful for the experience, Miami is a much calmer affair with people going by their businesses at a much slower pace.

Now, again, Mike Telvi says, this is neither good or bad. He himself enjoys a little bit of both. In the end, it is all up to you to determine which is up your alley and which isn’t.

Everyone knows New York has a vibe like no other place in the world. If you want a slice of this for yourself, you can definitely consider moving to Long Island, whereas in Miami patience is a virtue and can be quite rewarding for people who have this patience.

Mike Telvi on Infrastructure Difference Between Miami and Long Island

Long Island, according to Michael Telvi, can boost of being the winner in this regard. The infrastructure still has ways to go, and it has only been a few years since a train service started from the city to MIA (on the Orange line). 

Now it is also worth mentioning that service in Miami is actually quite reliable and offers less stress and faster time than Long Island. 

But public transport is a pain in Miami if you rely on it consistently. A prudent thing to do will be to save up if possible get a used car as soon as you’re capable of doing so. This will come in as a huge advantage in no time.

Of course in both cities you still have to consider dealing with traffic and high insurance costs, but again Long Island edges out Miami as being the one with a higher level of these things.

Rent in New York and Long Island

Michael Telvi continues in his delineation of both of these wonderful places by telling us about the rent requirements. Anyone who lives around the United States might already have an idea what he is about to say.

And yes, it is just like you suspected – rent in Long Island is quite substantial, and reasonably more than rent in Miami. But before you start packing your bags, you should also know that this only applies on average.

In some places in Miami, you can face rents that are just as high as you would have to pay in Long Island. Again, this shouldn’t be surprising. 

Miami itself has a lot of amazing, high profile neighborhoods, and if you’re interested in getting an apartment in any of these places, you also have to be willing to pay its huge costs.

Other Captivating Aspects of Both Cities

The wildlife in Miami is spectacular. Even while you walk in the sleepy areas of Coconut Grove, you get to see beautiful, majestic peacocks walking around lazily. And the palm trees, according to Mike Telvi, are just like you see on TV, tall, majestic, and absolutely brilliant.

This is definitely a lot of people’s favorite thing about the city. 

When it comes to beaches, it is quite a close call seeing as Long Island also has a lot of great beaches itself. In the end, though, after careful consideration, Mike believes Miami remains the superior. Miami beaches are just ‘built different”, so to speak.

Finally when it comes to museums and tourisms, Michael Telvi agrees with the popular consensus that Miami does not quite have the appeal that Long Island, and New York in general, does in this regard.

But, it should be said, a lot of impressive urban art movements are starting to spring up in Miami. The future, indeed, is quite bright in this aspect.

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